The Practical Driving Test


The driving test is one of the most nervous and worrying tests you will encounter, driving examiners understand that you will be nervous and will do everything they can to put your mind at ease. Believe it or not, as soon as you step foot in the car the examiner wants you to pass and will give you clear instructions throughout the test. They will also do their best to make sure you relax and avoid any silly mistakes.

When you arrive at the test centre you will sign a form and then head out into the car park, your first test will be to read a number plate from a set distance, if you wear glasses make sure you have them to hand, also test yourself a few weeks prior to your test to make sure your eye sight is up to scratch, every year hundreds of people fail their driving test as they cannot read the number plate.

The next stage is to get into the vehicle and make yourself comfortable, your examiner will have a quick walk around the car to make sure it is roadworthy and there are no flat tyres etc. Once the examiner enters the car they will tell you to relax and explain what the test involves. The rest is up to you and you need to ensure you drive safely and complete the manoeuvres that are required.

The driving test overall looks to ensure that you are:

  • RESPONSIBILITY towards other road users

  • CONFIDENCE in driving the car on you own

  • AWARENESS & ANTICIPATION of hazards and dangers

  • CONSIDERATION and ATTITUDE, especially the vulnerable road users

  • Add to this the driving test set of MANOEUVRES

The overall test time will last for around 40 minutes and in this time you will be expected to drive a set route and to complete two or three maneuvers.

The test is completed only once you have parked your vehicle and turned off the engine. Once you have returned to the test centre you will need to sit for a second or two until the examiner works out if you have passed or failed, you are allowed 16 minor faults, however if you receive over this or have a major fault, then unfortunately you will fail the test. If you fall under this then you will be please to hear those words ‘Congratulation you have met the standard to pass your driving test.’

It is inevitable that some people feel nervous when completing their driving test and this can lead to mistakes which could mean you fail. For some it will seem as the end of the world, you may even think the examiner did not like them or that he had already used up his quota of passes for that week. The driving examiner will be fair in his judgment if you fail you did something wrong. However the examiner will fully explain what you did wrong so you can work on it ready for your next test.

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