Booking Your Practical Test


After a few lessons you will be getting eager to get in for your test and to get it passed as soon as possible.  Your instructor will let you know when they feel you are ready to pass your test and will not hold back in getting you in for it as soon as possible.

Practical Test

When the time comes that your instructor and yourself feel ready you will need to apply for your driving examination.  This is a really straight forward process and only takes a few minutes to get it all booked up.  Firstly you need to decide where in the country you want to take your test, this will normally be the area you are most familiar with, however if you are familiar with more than one area then you can request a test at either area, or alternatively choose the area you are most comfortable with.

The quickest and simplest way to book your test is online by visiting the official website and complete the on screen instructions, you will need to have your theory test certificate to allow you to go ahead and book your practical test.  You can also make the payment online and specify if you have a preferred day and time.  Once you have completed the online booking you will receive your test date through the post within a week.

You can also book your test over the telephone by contacting the DVLA on 0300 200 1122 and following the automated instructions. 

If for any reason your test date is not acceptable, you must contact the number on your confirmation letter and to rearrange your test to a more convenient date, this can be done without any hassle.  Also if you are keen to pass your test you can request a cancellation, this means that if an appointment comes up at short notice you will be given the opportunity to bring your test forward and take advantage of an earlier test date.

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