Selling Your Car


Eventually the time will come where you wish to sell your car and upgrade it to something different.  Some of us will do this more than others, however there are a few points you need to take into account and bear mind when placing your car up for sale. 

You need to make sure that before you put your car up for sale you make sure it is properly prepared and looking its best.  Having your car looking in pristine condition will give off the impression that it has been well looked after both visually and mechanically. 

Preparing your car for sale need not be a major job, simply follow these few easy steps:

  • Give the car a wash and if you have time either polish or wax the bodywork

  • Clean inside the car by hovering the carpets and giving the dashboard a polish with some specialist dashboard cleaner

  • Give the inside of the car a spray with air freshener and if you have smoked in the car also use an odour neutraliser.

  • Pay attention to the alloy wheels and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned.  If you have steel wheels it can be a good idea to invest in some new wheel trims.

  • Give the engine bay a clean and make sure there is no oil visible anywhere on the engine as this will undoubtedly cause concern amongst buyers. 

In addition to the car being visually presentable it is always a good idea to make sure the car has a full year MOT and if possible have some tax remaining.  A car without MOT will again raise concerns amongst buyers as they will question why you have not got a full valid MOT Test Certificate.   

The next step is to decide where you wish to advertise your car, you have a few main options, these being online, national advertising publications for example the Auto Trader or to advertise locally in the press.  The aim is to get your advert viewed by as many people as possible as this will ensure you get the best price.  The price you advertise the car for is totally up to yourself.  It is worthwhile doing your research to see what similar cars are being sold for.  Additionally you can use an online car valuation to give you a rough idea.

When someone comes to view your car, you need to be polite and allow them the time to thoroughly look around the car and to ask any questions they may have.  All paperwork should be available for the prospective buyer to view.  If they would like a test drive make sure they have adequate insurance and never let them drive off without you being in the car.

When it comes to haggling, never lay your cards on the table, ask them to make an offer and then haggle upwards to get the very best price.

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