Passing Your Driving Test


Passing your driving test is totally down to yourself.  Believe it or not your examiner actually wants you to pass, they have no pleasure in telling you that you have failed your test.  So how do you successfully pass your driving test? Well thatís the all important question but you as a learner will know what you are required to do to give yourself the best chance. Passing Your Driving Test

Firstly make sure you are physically ready for your test.  Donít turn up tired and hungry, instead get a good night sleep and a good breakfast, you will then feel energetic and ready for the test ahead. 

Make sure that you are happy that you are ready for your test, your instructor should have only put you in for your test once you are both comfortable that you feel you are able to pass without problem. 

On the day of your test, a tip is to dress appropriately, donít turn up wearing a baseball cap as this can give off the wrong impression.  Someone once said that you should turn up for your test wearing a suit as this shows you look respectable and it gives off the impression you are professional, however going to this extent is totally up to you. 

When you arrive at the test centre, your first step will be the requirement to read a number plate from a set distance to ensure you meet the eyesight requirements.  Next is to show you are able to demonstrate to the examiner you can carry out some basic vehicle checks.  Once you pass this you can get into the car and get ready for your instructor to get in next to you and begin the test.  The instructor will be friendly and helpful and will do their utmost to get you at ease to avoid you making and silly mistakes. 

Your test will last around 40 minutes and will begin with a drive lasting around 15 minutes.  You will then be asked to complete 2 manoeuvres which must be completed satisfactory.  If not you may be asked to repeat a manoeuvres to prove you can successfully complete it to the correct standard. 

You will be required at some point to carry out an emergency stop.  You will be given plenty of warning and you do not need check your mirror, instead concentrate on stopping the vehicle safely, your instructor will not ask you to do an emergency stop if it is not safe to do so. 

Lastly donít worry about what the instructor is writing down, otherwise you will get more nervous, instead just wait until the end of your test and the examiner will be spend time going through your test with you.  Your final part of the test will be to successfully park your vehicle back in the parking bay.  Your test does not end until you switch off the engine.

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