New Drivers Who Offend


In 1997 a range of additional rules came into force relating to what happens if you commit a driving offence.  These new rules stipulated that any new driver who received 6 points or more within their first two years of passing their test would lose their licence and have to re-sit their full driving test.  This means going back to square one and may mean that you need to undertake your theory test also.  This will not only cost you additional test fees but will also prove to be a considerable hindrance and may affect not only your social life but also your employment.  Driving carefully within your probationary period is therefore essential. Car Speeding

You will receive points for a range of different offences, the most common is for failing to keep to the speed limit, if caught you will earn yourself a total of 3 points not to mention a fine of £60.  However if you speed considerably over the limit then you could receive 6 points and a larger fine. 

You will also receive points on your licence for using your mobile telephone whilst being in control of the vehicle, this again can add three points to your licence.  Another way that you can rack up points easily is to have tyres that are below the legal limit, this can earn you three points per wheel under the limit. 

As you can see it is very easy to build up six points.  However by keeping to the law and driving carefully will mean that you will avoid any points at all.  Once your probationary 2 year period is over you will go up to being allowed 12 points before you loose your licence and you will not be required to re sit your test. 

If you are caught being under the influence of alcohol whilst being behind the wheel you will face an instant ban from driving of around 18 months and receive points and a heavy fine.  Drink driving is one of the most dangerous actions you can commit whilst driving and the penalties are extremely hefty. 

It is simple to avoid any points and to never receive one of those costly fines by remembering what you were taught and to abide by the law, this will make sure your licence remains clear of points throughout your driving career and in turn will keep your insurance premiums as low as possible. 

So, drive carefully, be alert and donít be tempted to think that just because you have passed your test you are the new Lewis Hamilton.  Not only do you risk loosing your licence but have some thought that those rules are there for a reason and make sure its not you behind the wheel that causes a fatal accident.

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