Failing Your Driving Test


Your driving test is without doubt one of the most stressful events you will have in your lifetime.  This is for a number of reasons and everyone, no matter how confident, will suffer from nerves on the day. 

Nerves combined with trying to remember everything you have learnt is a stressful time and on your test you need to keep everything composed to give yourself the best chance at passing your test first time.  Also ensure you are prepared for the test ahead, that means plenty of practice before the day. 

However, many people do unfortunately fail their test for a range of different reasons, often its nerves or forgetting how to do those all important manoeuvres.  If you do fail, the secret is not to dwell on it, instead look at it as if you know what to expect next time around, hopefully the next time your nerves will be at bay. 

At the end of your practical test your examiner will let you know if you have passed or failed.  If you have failed they will go through what you have failed on and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  In addition they will give you a copy of the test sheet which shows what minor and major errors were noted during the test.  It is useful to take this opportunity to fully understand the reason you have failed so that you can let your driving instructor know.  Your instructor can then help you focus on these areas so that next time around you will be more confident.  Also remember your examiner wants nothing more than to give you the good news, so if you have failed be polite as you may get the same examiner next time around. 

If you have failed your practical driving test you must allow a period of 10 days until you can take the opportunity to re sit your test.  Once this time has passed you can then take your test again and hopefully this time you will be more fortunate and successfully pass.  Follow the advise of your instructor and only put straight back in for your test if you both feel you are ready. 

Donít be disheartened if it takes you more than one attempt, passing your test is not an easy thing to do.  Thousands of people in the UK will fail their test and often it can take some people two, three, four or more attempts before they successfully pass.  If it does take you five attempts before you pass, donít worry.  The important thing is that after each test you are familiar with what you failed on and then practice, practice, practice.

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