Intensive Driving Courses

For many people, an intensive driving course or as some call it a ‘Crash Course’ can be a very good method of learning to drive. With an average first time pass rate of over 70% compared to 45% through conventional learning, an intensive course could mean you get through your test much sooner.

Many instructors offer an intensive driving course which is often conducted over the period of just a few weeks. The way in which an intensive course works is that you are advised from the offset to apply for your theory test and to pass the exam, this then enables you to go for your practical test. The instructor will often have an hour lesson to establish at what level you’re driving is currently at. Once they have an understanding of your driving capabilities they will advise you to book in for your practical driving test. Quite often the driving test has a wait of between 4 and 6 weeks and once you receive your date you simply contact your instructor to inform them, they will then book your lessons leading up to your test date.

The number of lessons required will depend on your driving experiences, however you may find that for the 3 weeks leading up to your test you may have a number of 2 hour lessons per week. Alternatively you may have a full week of driving lessons lasting around 4 hours with a break half way through. Your test will be on the final day and fingers crossed, you will pass your practical test.

Sound too good to be true? Well intensive driving is not for everyone, you must have the time and be committed to long days of learning to drive, this can put you under stress which may affect you on your test day. Also the cost of the intensive course can be quite considerable and may be in the region of £400 - £1000 for a full structured training programme. However the benefits can be great, after a couple of weeks you may pass your practical test and the cost will seem worth it, after all if you were having a lesson a week for 30 weeks, this could cost upwards of £900. Meaning you could in fact save money in the long term by undertaking the intensive course.

If you do choose to opt for this method of learning, it is essential to do your homework and pay particular attention to the instructors or company pass rate. What’s more it is important to establish what happens if you fail and how many additional lessons may be, as some companies will insist you undertake a further intensive course which will cost a similar amount

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