Learning to Drive with the AA


Often when you think of the AA, the first thing that springs to mind is the breakdown and recovery service which they offer. However did you know that the breakdown part of the AA is only a part of their overall services which they deliver to their customers.

One of the largest areas which the AA specialise in is their exceptional Driving School, their reputation and service is one that is acknowledged as being one of the best driving schools in the UK and have increased their resources in this area considerably to make them the market leader. If youíre serious about learning to drive and you want a driving instructor that is one of the best in the country, then the AA must be top of your list. The benefits of learning with the AA is that along with an exceptionally qualified driving instructor, you will learn in a modern reliable vehicle and the rates will be extremely competitive, often cheaper than your local driving instructor and more reliable.

The AA are fast becoming the market leader in Driving Schools and their instructors are constantly undergoing further training to ensure you, as a learner, benefits from the best possible service, meaning you will pass your driving test much quicker, saving you time and money so that you can put the money you will save to the car of your dreams.

To begin learning to drive with the AA is simple, there are hundreds of AA instructors throughout the UK, meaning there will be one in your area who will be happy to begin to teach you to drive. No matter if you have had some driving experience or are an absolute novice, the AA instructors will guarantee to put you at ease and make your driving lessons one that you will look forward too. However donít just take our word for it, over 97% of pupils say that they would recommend learning with the AA to family and friends. This shows the confidence that pupils have in their instructor is second to none and that pupils feel totally confident that the lessons they receive are helping them to pass their test.

One specific worry and concern that many pupils have is that their instructor can often seem to delay in putting you in for your test when you feel you are ready. Additionally many feel that their progress is much slower than they thought and as the weeks pass the cost of the lessons is racking up higher and higher. You can be 100% assured that this will not happen when learning to drive with the AA, thatís because to be an AA instructor means you have to agree to abide by a strict Code of Conduct. This is something unique to the AA and will mean you are the one that will benefit the most.

To sum up, the overall benefits are:

  • Taught over 1 million people worldwide to pass
  • Fully qualified driving instructors Learn in a brand new Ford Focus
  • Discounts when you book 12 or more hours at once
  • One to one tuition with no delays
  • AA welcome pack with discounts to help you get on the road
  • AA syllabus, Driver Record and Instructor Code of Conduct Pass Plus support after you pass.

So if you want to learn to drive and feel that you need someone who is reliable, trustworthy and have your best interest at heart, then donít delay and give the AA Driving School a call, the sooner you book your first lesson, the sooner you will be passed your driving test. Good Luck!

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