Advanced Driving


Passing your driving test is only the first step in ensuring your safe on the road.  How many times have you heard someone say ‘you only really learn to drive once you’ve passed?’  That is because up until now you have always had someone in the passenger seat as an extra pair of eyes looking for hazards and helping you when something goes wrong.   Motorway Driving

Also before you pass your driving test you cannot legally drive on the motorway and as such this is a whole new dimension to driving, this is the fastest and most congested type of road and you need to learn quickly how to drive safely.  Additionally how would you react if you were in a situation where your vehicle skidded or slid out of control? 

To assist people in gaining these skills the advanced driving programme was introduced.  The test aims to give candidates the chance to experience a range of different eventualities in a safe and controlled environment.  You will have the opportunity to drive in not only busy city centres but also on motorways, practicing changing lanes and driving safely.  The advanced driving lessons also show you a range of techniques that you will be able to incorporate into your existing driving skills.  

It is important that the candidate can demonstrate their skills to the instructor, for instance on an open country road where progress can be gained ensuring attention to safety, using optimum road positioning and excellent observation. All of these factors together give a brisk smooth drive, within the set legal limit on the open road. In other situations, the candidate will need to show restraint and composure to deal with often tricky and potentially hazardous situations that may become apparent throughout the drive. Such as in a town centre situation, where observation is used to pick out hazards in situations that are constantly changing. The main objective is that the candidate can be shown the skills and to take them on board before demonstrating them to the instructor.

You can undertake your advanced driving at any point in your driving career, whether you have been driving for a considerable number of years or are newly passed, the skills obtained will be extremely beneficial and adaptable to your own driving skills.   Whatever your reason for wanting to undertake the advanced driving test, you can be assured that the benefits gained will be with you for life and maybe one day they will prove to be a lifesaver.  So if you want to ensure you are safe on the roads then you rally must consider undertaking your advanced driving.

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