First Driving Lesson


Once you have selected the driving instructor of your choice, you simply need to give them a call and arrange your first lesson. First Driving Lesson

It can be a nervous but exciting experience when you turn up for your first driving lesson, most instructors will meet you at a convenient place, either at your home or place of work. One thing you must remember is to bring along your provisional driving licence as your instructor will require this to add you onto the insurance and make sure you can legally learn to drive.

You will find that your instructor will take the first lesson as more of an introduction and will take the time to let you get used to the car and to put you at ease, they will also take the time to get to know you a little bit more so you feel totally at ease and will look forward to your next driving lesson. Once you have had your first lesson your instructor will ask you when you would like your future lessons and agree the price, this could be anything from £12 - £25 per hour.

The instructor may also give ask you if you would prefer to use his vehicle or if you have a preference to learn in your own vehicle, this wont be a problem and your instructor will accommodate this.

For your first lesson, here are a few pointers:

  • Book your first lesson at a time convenient to you
  • Remember to bring along your driving licence
  • Check the cost of the lesson and if possible bring the correct fee
  • Wear suitable clothing, this includes comfortable shoes or even better trainers
  • Try not to worry and when you get into the car take a few minutes to relax
  • Your instructor will have general chat, however if they are quiet it is only because they donít want you to loose concentration
  • If you make a mistake, donít worry, even the most experienced drivers take time to adjust to a new vehicle, why should you be any different
  • Ask any questions you may have on your mind
  • Look forward to your next lesson.

Once you have had your first lesson you can book your lessons for the same time every week or whenever is most convenient for both of you. However if for any reason you feel that the instructor is not what you expected, simply thank them and look for an alternative. However you will find in nearly all cases that after your first lesson you canít wait to get back for your second.

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